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Stop using Excel to process important business and scientific data.

"Researchers in data-intensive fields (particularly in the life sciences) need better computer skills. Initiatives such as Software Carpentry offer workshops to researchers, but universities should also focus more on giving undergraduates the advanced analytical skills they will need."

#Excel #DataScience

1. There is no reason to do that other than force you to buy new hardware when Samsung thinks your phone is too old
2. This just produces more e-waste
3. If the customer pays for a device, they should own it and be able to use it as they wish in no fear of arbitary bricking of the device when the manufacturer decides
4. If there exist an reason which actually can make the device less secure from this unlock - please let me know. Otherwise I say there are none

My conclusion is that

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Whoa! Samsung is permanently breaking the camera "for safety reasons" when you unlock the bootloader:
(actual source in video description, but Louis Rossmann is good at explaining things)

We have the right to a better digital future - a future where the ambitions of would-be monopolists and their shareholders take a back-seat to fairness, equity, and your right to self-determination.

I've been using snapchat for about a year now (snap score over 10k btw) and it surprised me how many friends use it as their main messaging app.

A federated snapchat that you could host and invite friends, with a good/secure mobile app that is easy to use would be a game changer!

#fediverse #activitypub #snapchat

I’ve not seen any research but I would guess that on platforms which don’t have recommendation systems, but the content is shown in the order it was published, this issue isn’t at least this big 🤔

At least I’ve not seen as much questionable content on Mastodon than on some other platforms

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Meanwhile a company profits from longer attention time and increased ad revenue caused by their algorithm promoting controversial stuff and influencing opinions. I wonder when will their users realize they are living in a false information bubble. And most importantly why do people still proudly promote Facebook?

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There are so many sceptist people in Africa that they had to actually burn thousands of expired covid vaccines (Source: Deutche Welle:

@penpot Does have plan to make enough money to keep the development going on in the future? I do not see even a donation link on your website. Penpot is great tool so I'm wondering if I can rely on it in the future as well

🚨🚨 Apple says to "protect children," they're updating every iPhone to continuously compare your photos and cloud storage against a secret blacklist. If it finds a hit, they call the cops.

iOS will also tell your parents if you view a nude in iMessage.

Imagine working at Apple with a job title: ”Child sexual abuse verifier”

I do not believe that this kind of ”shoot everyone and catch few” is a good strategy for ending sexual abuse of children - this just compromizes every device, because hash based pattern matching isn’t perfect

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Apple prepares ”a feature” which will scan contents of an Apple device and report illegal media to authorities and there will be human reviewing all the false positives:

this loud kids toy makes noises when you hit the buttons, but it also makes a final noise if you don't hit any buttons for 45 seconds or so, to lure you back. some nameless "growth hacker" made a killer slideshow about how this juiced their "daily active minutes" metrics

I just fixed a media related issue on, so I have good excuse to some -memes

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