In Canada car thieves are attaching Apple Air Tags to cars they like. They then track those cars until they have a convenient place and time to steal it.

To see if an Air Tag is "following" you, there is the app AirGuard on Fdroid.

With your comments and help we managed convince Finnish student union representatives so that SYL (National Union of University Students in Finland) as an organization will study the concepts of free software!

I am very hopeful that they find it beneficial to students and begin to promote the practises to other organizations like the Ministry of Education and Culture which they regularly meet with

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"GitHub being passive aggressive.."

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@endDRM I wonder why there are no open source printer projects. Or even partially open source if some parts cannot be bought with schematics and source code.

It shows clearly that they do not care about free software. Did they claim the service will be paid? That would make this service even more niche than it already seemed to me

I have similar issue too, I already swapped my capslock in software, but what if there was a physical proxy for this 🤔 Like some kind of an usb dongle which could be used to adapt any keyboard layout to the user liking and it would sit between the keyboard and pc


I hate that youtube keeps cencoring my comments

Luckily I can still comment on Mastodon that I don’t understand the need for yet another app, but this was well planned video for anyone wondering if they should care about their privacy

We filed a lawsuit today against Vizio because they fail to fulfill even the basic requirements of the #GPL. You can check out the complete materials here:

@noybeu I didn’t even know this kind of an organization existed! That’s awesome and even more awesome is that you are using Mastodon!

Has anyone done analysis on

Why is Vietnam the most popular country?

And from the 667K active Vietnamese LineageOS users, why are most of them running it on a Xiaomi Mi A1?

The numbers are so huge that there has to be some reason.

@arielcostas @satur I feel like the biggest dealbreaker on community built software is the complexity of the standard. (Element seems confusing too)

seems far more simple and easier to implement, but I have to try if it has enough features I’d like to have

The main reason I am interested in Fairphone 4 isn’t the ”Fairness” of the physical product, but the ability to install any OS you wish

Ability to unlock your bootloader seems extremely rare feature nowadays. It even doesn’t brick your camera like Samsung does if you decide to unlock it!

@Gargron I have so few users on that this feature sounds like spying on them. If there isn’t enough volume of data, then it will display the usage of individual users. It looks cool though.

@arielcostas @satur Really interesting link, I still feel like Matrix is better than many others and has potential, but I have to look at XMPP sooner 🤔

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