@jimbo I wonder...

Can you type in the name of your product, and see what people expect it to look like, to see if your naming is on point?

Come up with a new idea, see what people will imagine it is when you first pitch it to them, to refine your pitch.

This is a tool to see into the collective subconscious.
Very powerful.

@diresock I think this should be called ”the throne of a true gamer”. I would have to try if it produces exactly same results 🤔

@jimbo It doesn't matter if it produces the same results or not, because we can't just assume different phrases have the same meaning to people.

Does it produce results that make sense to most people?
That's the real test.
@jimbo "The all-new Secretlab TITAN Flusho 2022 is everything you need to stay in the game, uninterrupted. Enjoy the luxurious feel of high-end Napa leather on your bare ass as you drop a deuce of any size while fragging your way to the top of the leaderboard.

The TITAN Flusho has durable ass-gripping pads on the seat to keep you focused and in place, and the proprietary pebble seat base makes sure it isn't just your rivals being eliminated in style.

The Flusho also provides the adaptive lumbar support you've come to expect from the Secretlab brand. And the patented Bluetooth flush trigger makes disposing of the evidence a breeze.

Shit right. Shit now. Shit In The Game(tm) with the Secretlab TITAN Flusho."
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