I am trying to argue Unix/Linux course back to computer science curriculum in my university even as an optional course. ”Jimi really thinks or wants so” isn’t a good argument, what pedagogic reasons are there, or anything else which I could use to convince my university? For me Linux is so obvious, that I’m having a hard time finding objective reasons.

I would really appreciate any help, if you don’t know, I would really appreciate if you decided to boost this

So far I have heard that ”it isn’t necessary to know linux if you are just an programmer”, that is the response I got last time when I asked, but now they are designing a new curriculum so there is real possibility of getting it back.

My computer science student organization allowed me to use their official channels for this so it seems even more possible to achieve something


Thank you everyone for your insanely awesome support, without it I wouldn't been able to write the comment! 🤩 The message was written in Finnish so I used machine translation and light proofreading to add the results in English here:


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With your comments and help we managed convince Finnish student union representatives so that SYL (National Union of University Students in Finland) as an organization will study the concepts of free software!

I am very hopeful that they find it beneficial to students and begin to promote the practises to other organizations like the Ministry of Education and Culture which they regularly meet with

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