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Right now I’m trying to follow people with interesting toots, I hope that would give visibility to quality content and that way attract more people to Mastodon, so if I recently followed you that’s the reason.

Trolley Problem 

There is no trolley, only cars, which in net are running over far more pedestrians. You wish that you could get ubiquitous public transit back, but that is a slow process.

combined with -js is a good alternative for making visually stunning presentations, especially if you prefer writing documents in plain text. Asciidoctor will then handle the conversion to html+js based presentation, so it will be watchable even on devices where M$ Office isn’t supported. And those asciidoc documents will not randomly corrupt (at least as easily as M$ formats tend to)

@alcinnz it is a cultural issue.
I wish we're all using tools that automatically ask people to avoid the mafia of those #email #oligopoly
"Please do not use gmail as it trashes all mail I try to send you".

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as #FreeSoftware? Go to the SharePic-generator, and add your support message with #PublicCode. If it is public money, it should be public code as well!

Someone smarter managed to word it better why is oligopoly and either we should stop using those providers making email proprietrary or replace email with something more modern. I’m thinking about Matrix 🤔

Electric scooter company Tier now made a ”research” to prove that majority of Finns want to limit competition on the market. Improving safety is great, but again, how is limiting competition one such thing? If they really wanted to improve the situation they would lobby for other solutions, like mandatory parking areas

Article is in Finnish only:

Samsung apparently preinstalls Tiktok on at least some phones:

So it has to be that Samsung considers it secure. I am now extremely worried about all the other software Samsung has created

Pro tip, buy the heaviest laptop. You can’t find any other than ”ultrabook” anyways so that way it is still going to be thin and light but it will also have best battery life and likely the best upgradeability and repairability

I just learned that the taste of cola drinks comes from nuts. Only few cola drinks today actually contain the nut, but for example in Club Mate Cola it actually lists cola nut in the list of ingrendients

7 ways to maximize misery (link below) hit me hard when I realized I am actually doing some of the things listed

aspirational beetle lifestyle 

lounging on a giant orange slice and lazily slurping? beetle dreams

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