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Right now I’m trying to follow people with interesting toots, I hope that would give visibility to quality content and that way attract more people to Mastodon, so if I recently followed you that’s the reason.

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I'm sure many of my autistic kin will agree that finding the right clothing is as critical as it is impossible, but one of the most infuriating to buy for me are socks and (AMAB) undies. Anyone got experience with autism friendly fabrics/brands? I've heard good things about bamboo, anyone got opinions on that? Brands/shops will need to ship to EU. Boosts appreciated!

Federated Networks Association ry will be dissolved

This is an organisation and number of services based around federated and decentralised systems. The disbanding of FENEAS affects several instances of distributed services, but not the services as a whole themselves.

It does however mean that my own home on the Diaspora network, will be going offline.

#FENEAS #JoinDiaspora

Watched ”predicting” the future and he guesses that the importance of short video platforms will grow

Based on my experiences I would predict that we will see federated and self hosted TikTok alternative in the coming years

I’m very surprised to see Finland on the fift place, but at the same time it would be great to have more spread out hosting. I’d guess Finland’s score is very much inflated by cheap hosting from Hetzner.

But my instance is incorrectly identified as American (probably because of Cloudflare)

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According to Fediverse.Observer stats, countries with the most fediverse servers are:

1. United States (1 799)
2. France (1 542)
3. Germany (1 476)
4. Japan (431)
5. Finland (265)

Number of servers in brackets

And Mastodon has 3 313 000 users

Apple Music has one great algorithm which keeps recommending Finnish music even though I systematically press the ”recommend less of this” button on them

So frustrating that many gmail users are unaware that emails from small independent mail servers are regularly dumped into spam, have attachments and/or links dropped, and then get annoyed at me for it. Especially in non-tech circles, they often don't believe it's even possible.

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operating systems should be designed around what an average person would consider logical. not a software engineer, not a toddler.

yes, windows is designed around treating the user like a toddler. this is why formatting a usb stick took me ~40 minutes to figure out. if windows teaches users bad habits like "don't read errors or warnings", it doesn't mean that every other OS should be bending backwards because of those habits

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You know, this is really irresponsible: was just looking into /e/ OS and the Murena Fairphone and apps are installed from a third-party app repository run by fuck-knows-who.


CC @Fairphone

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"it's so annoying when {there are ads in my toolbar, my apps get uninstalled without warning, i have to update in the middle of an important moment}"

"ah well here's a thing that might solve that problem for you"

"this isn't exactly like the original thing i was using"

"yep, some of that is on purpose but some of it is being worked on. there's not a lot of funding for some aspects of it so it might take a while"

"wow i can't believe your community is so hostile to newcomers"

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i think all permission dialogs should have a "lie with fake data" button

And the sad thing is that there doesn't seem to exist any truly libre or open source alternative for 3d mesh/map publishing

I'm happy to support good project monetarily, but not 149$/month for a hobby project with strict limits how I am allowed to use the service

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To me it seems somewhat dirty that CesiumJS (a 3d map displaying library) is being advertised as open source platform

Yes the frontend library is Apache 2.0 licenced, but in order to use it you have to use their proprietrary backend

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I've been lately researching tools to output 3d maps from to an actual self hosted map service

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