Investigating an issue with media uploads on

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this updated to Mastodon 3.4.0, my new Pixelfed instance is now open for registration! I will update the terms of service and privacy policy later, but those will most likely be copied from this Mastodon instance. And remember that @pixelfed is still in beta.

In January this instance received 2.37€ from web monetization and the server expenses were 3.46€

In february income and expenses will be shared together since web monetization is private and we do not know where the support is coming from

Big news!
This instance has a status page!

There's also a new pixelfed instance,! Registrations are not open yet, because testing before release seems like a good idea 😀

If you are new on this instance this profile will broadcast all announcements regarding this server. Currently @jimbo is the sole operator of this account too. This admin profile is created, so you don't have to follow all the garbage @jimbo may toot 😆

Coil web monetization is finally enabled. Implementation is done by injecting the header using NGINX, so the Mastodon source isn't modified. If you have any questions I will happily answer them.

Mastodon is a Mastodon instance funded using web monetization protocol, which is a privacy respecting way of funding sustainable internet services, so we don't need to sell your data. From Finland, for English and/or Finnish speaking users.